Chesta Grabbed Her First Good in School on Work Book

ओर आखिर आज मिल ही गया ….आज चेस्टा  को पहलाा गुड मिला…



Chesta first book

Hi guys…so Chesta is going to school regularly. She is enjoying the sessions and activities in school. She is reciting the poems and prayers at home. Got her first book and it is all in one having English, Hindi and Mathematics basic chapters, and alphabets. She is loving the exercise session at school.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep are the poems she liked most.


First day of school of Chesta – Cry and Cry

First Day in the school

It is 13 August of 2014.  Chesta is going to school from today and she is dressing her school uniform. She is looking little bit of upset but very much excited with her new books and uniform. She prayed to God in home’s temple and then we started visiting to the school.

She cried inside the school premises. It was tough time to me also as she never cried like that. The school’s manager told us to leave and everything will be normal after 2-3 days. However my heart is still beating fast with her cry.

I am still reading some online articles about how do i stop my child from crying at school.